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 Alexis Grantly

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Alexis Grantly


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PostSubject: Alexis Grantly   Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:43 pm

Name: Alexis Grantly
Pack Position::
Nick Name:: Alex
Age:: 25
Height:: 5'9"

Physical Description::She turns at the doorway to show dirty blonde with blue eyes that seems to show a knowing. She usually wears a white shirt that is unbuttoned, a white bra underneath, and black jeans. Her black cowboy hat sits low on her head.
Wolf Form::Her wolf form is blonde on the top with a white belly and paws.

Origin::Castway, Texas. Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas
Current Residence:: Azure Castle
Martial Status:: Kit and Luna's mate
Children:: none

Skills/Powers/Etc.::A lycan made to hunt their enemies. She can handle any guy she runs across. Protective of family as she wears a semi-automatic pistol on her hip. She is tall for a wolf and is fast for her size. She loves to show off so watch it.
Odd Factoids::She has a twin Duncan. Thinks she can not have kids.
Character Image(s)::
Her Horse (Chili)-
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Alexis Grantly
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