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 Sky Acqua:

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Sky Acqua

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PostSubject: Sky Acqua:   Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:52 pm

Name: Sky Acqua
Pack Position :
Nick Name:: Shadow wolf or Angel
Age:: 34 or so you think.

Physical Description:: She usual wears a black jump suit. Her black hair can be down or up in a tie. She may even wear it in a bun... if your lucky. Her gold eyes can change to a black or a red you figure out why. She stands about 5'6" as she is flat foot. Do not get her in heels, just a warning.
Wolf Form:: A slick black wolf stood about 3'10" she is small but fast. A killing machine if need be.

Origin:: New England (can you guess her age?)
Current Residence::Blood Moon Castle
Martial Status: N/A
Children:: Adopted mother of Nikki.... Mother of Mark, Allee, and Alice.

Skills/Powers/Etc.:: She has two daggers on her hips. Both hidden. A sword that goes down her spine, yes it bends with her.
Odd Factoids:: A twin brother, Midnight. Dancer with an Avatar.
Character Image(s)::
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Sky Acqua:
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